The T/Shirt Issue started in 2008 with a one-off project aimed at creating the very first 3-D shirt.

The idea was simple; to personalize a shirt without the use of print. Instead of printing, we employed digital tools and personal memories of three interviewees to create 'Digital Portraits' – the first 3-D sculpted shirts.

After discovering how sculpting clothing was actually possible, our curiosity pushed us to find out how big this digital playground was.

By exposing pattern construction to a wide range of functions from software related to other disciplines, suddenly we could shape our imagination and integrate narratives in every piece. Using the triangular polygon as building block for every installation, our world knew no more boundaries.

Our aim was to study the arch of possibilities in digital pattern construction and fabrication. Throughout the different approaches and installations, the main theme has always been the uninhibited exploration of digital functions and narrative concepts.

After six years of exploring, we have come to the end of our activities under the moniker The T/Shirt Issue and with that to new beginnings.

Thank you all, we couldn't have done it without your sweet support.



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The T/Shirt Issue