Melt 1 – 360 polygons

Melt 2 – 290 polygons

Melt 3 – 251 polygons

Melt 4 – 143 polygons


Who you are today is a complex set of ideas and attitudes about personal and social identity you have built up over time. Although flexible, your perception of yourself and the world around you, and accompanying courses of action are solidifying around you like an armour.

To melt the Ego is to lift the restrictions of controlled thinking, old habits, coyness and vanity. It's when we face the Ego, that we can allow it to return to a phase where it can no longer be contained: its fluid core. Whatever shape it takes on after that is defined by you.

With 'MELT' we shape and deconstruct the Ego in real life. Each polygon stands for a different facet of the persona, symbolizing the process of development, connected through personal experience. With each step, the Ego increasingly lets go of social structures and self-centredness. What remains is a melting pot of possibility.


Melt is an installation displaying a jersey Sweatshirt melting into the ground. The melting process is displayed with 4 pieces, each representing a further step of the phase transition. The digitally created garment was animated in a 3d software as a fluid motion and then exported into 4 patterns which were exported and manually sewn and assembled.

The shirt design was realized by using high resolution 3d scans of a figurine as a template. The polygon count was reduced to a minimum of 360 polygons and drapes and creases were sculpted into the piece. By using a melting modifier (3D-Animation function) – the characteristic look was created and further shaped until a fluid dynamic was achieved. The first and the last position was keyframed and morphed into its various states of the installation.

The T/Shirt Issue